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Letting go of Fear

The first time I had connected with a medium was very unexpected. I ran a small business and talked to many of my customers. One day, one of my customers had reached out to me just mentioning about her order … Read More

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Angel Numbers

Seeing synchronicities are a sign that you are on the right path and for you to trust in the process. Sometimes they can also be a way to let you know that love ones and spiritual beings are with you, … Read More

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Aura and How To Protect It

Everyone has an aura, there are 7 layers to your aura, the closest to you is your etheric body layer, which you can sometimes see when you hold your hands up against a white wall (a white misty layer), 2nd … Read More

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"As I share my troubles, she listened to me without judgement. Xinyi is quite precise, she gave me some accurate insights and hard truths which I had to swallow. I felt comfortable sharing with her."
"Xinyi’s reading for me was spot on. The things she told me were on points with my life and who I am as a person. The information I received was very useful and definitely do this again."
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