Animal Guides

Try out this 1 minute personality test to see which animal are you the most drawn to, this may bring you some clarity as to what you need to hear in the moment or which animal guide is with you right now.

What's animal do you feel most drawn to?

The first animal word you resonate with could be one of your animal guides or whoever you currently need right now.
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Animal Guides
If tiger resonated with you, it means you are currently needing courage and strength to get through a tough period of your life. Tigers are fierce, strong and independent, seeing this animal means you have the ability within yourself to overcome your own obstacles. Trust in your own strength and call on the tiger guide for extra support.
Giraffe are elegant, tall animals, they are very spiritual and relates deeply to spiritual growth. If you see a giraffe it means you are going through a spiritual growth and you have the ability of foresight, just like how a giraffe is so tall they can see foresee what is coming up ahead.
Eagles like to sore above the sky hunting for prey. If you see an eagle, it means to see things from a higher perspective. If you may be stuck on a problem and you are unsure on how to solve an issue, take time off, and then try seeing things from a different point of view may help with your situation.
Dove means inner peace, you feel at peace with yourself, release anger, negative thoughts about yourself and let go of what does not serve you purpose. Doves are also very loving birds, if you see 2 it means you are longing for a companion or someone who you can share the rest of your life with.
Cats are very spiritual animals, they see into alternate dimensions, if you are drawn to cats, you may have had a past life in Egypt. Cats are also highly sensitive, if you feel connected to cats, you could be an empath or have good intuition. Cats are also great at balancing their life, they know when to play, when to hunt and when to just relax and nap. Call on a cat guide if you need help balancing you life or even if you want to connect to the Egyptian roots.
Seeing a fish could mean you want to be free, you feel trapped, like when a fish in a tank. You want to be out in the ocean and swim freely, a fish could help you in your current situation to help you figure out what you truly want to do and let your soul feel freedom
Lions are the king of the jungle, they have a lot of authority, courage and strength. They help you conquer your fears and encourage you to take a leap of faith and trust that everything will work out in your highest good.
Dogs are very loyal, obedient and playful. You may need some time for yourself and find your inner child in life
Sheeps are gently soft animals, when 1 appears in your life, you need to be kinder with your thoughts and how you feel about yourself.
Mouse are intelligent animals, they love to stimulate their minds. Call on a mouse guide if you love a boost of ideas and inspiration to get motivated.
Octopus are intelligent creatures, they are flexible and can adapt to change.
Cow are innocent, fun and loving. They are connected to nature and are very protective mothers
Snakes shed their skin, when you see a snake it means life is changing, things in your life will be changing
Ant are small but mighty, they have a lot of strength, wisdom and courage. Call on them to provide you with willpower and remind yourself that hard work pays off.
Owls are amazing animals, when they stare at you, it feels like they can see into your soul. If you have an owl spirit as a guide, it will help you to who someone truly is and not just the surface level.
Dragon are mystical and magical, it will bring out the magic in you.
Monkeys are playful and they love hanging out in groups, when you see a monkey its a reminder to have some fun and enjoy yourself once in a while. Monkeys love hanging around in groups, they value and love their family. Monkeys are also intelligent animals, monkeys hold a lot of wisdom and knowledge, you can call on a monkey guide if you want some extra wisdom in your life.

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