How Empathic Are You?

Do you ever feel like you absorb people’s emotions like a sponge? Or you feel your friends and family’s emotions before they even tell you how they are feeling? Try out this quick mini quiz to find out how empathic you are.


When you see someone cry, what do you usually do?

How do you feel after you have helped someone?

When someone gets judged/criticized I

Are you good at sensing other's emotions?

When a new person just started their first day or school/work and you see them alone. Do you

How do you feel in crowds?

Have you ever been called shy, sensitive or introverted?

What do you like to do during your free time?

People always like to share their personal issues with you

When I see an animal in distress, I will

I try to avoid sad movies

How Empathic Are You?
Extremely empathic
You scored between 80-100 and is extremely empathic, you usually know how another person is feeling before they voice it out loud. You cry when you see others crying, you feel joy when you see others happy. You can sense the mood in the room and you are known as the shoulder to cry on, you have strong empathic abilities that can sometimes feel very overwhelming, often you may confuse those emotions of others as your own. You may also feel the weight of the world on your shoulders when there's a traumatic world event happening.
Very Empathic
You scored 45-79: You have empathic abilities and can usually read a situation or person before getting to know what is them/what is happening. Often when you meet someone, you feel like you have met them before or know whether you will get along with them or not. You have a strong empathic abilities but you also know what is truly your emotions and what emotions are from others.
Somewhat Empathic
You scored between 1-44: You can learn to have empathy for others but right now you are closed off, you may have had a rough upbringing, rough relationship or situation that caused you to distance yourself and react cold to others. Learn to open up your heart and try something you love doing, allow yourself to feel and you will heal and overcome those painful pasts, in time.

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