Aura and How To Protect It

Everyone has an aura, there are 7 layers to your aura, the closest to you is your etheric body layer, which you can sometimes see when you hold your hands up against a white wall (a white misty layer), 2nd layer is the emotional body, it holds your emotions.

The 3rd layer is your mental body, which is usually represented by the colour yellow, it contains your mental thoughts/judgements. The 4th layer is astral, 5th is etheric template, 6th is celestrial, this is where the connection to higher realms are and 7th is spiritual layer which protects all the other layers, this layer vibrates at a high frequency and it is usually golden.

How to protect your aura

When you feel lethargic, stressed or overall unbalanced, you should cleanse and make your aura stronger.

Here are 5 different ways where you can protect your energy

  1. Imagine a vibrant violet flame and have it burn everything that is not of the highest vibration around you
  2. Think of a thick glass bubble and have it encased around you so it protects unwanted energies from entering.
  3. When you shower, imagine the water being gold/white/purple whatever you resonate with washing away the unwanted energies within your aura, watch it go down the drain and disappear into the center of the earth. Or take a nice bath with Epsom salt and essential oils.
  4. Use daily affirmations or chant mantras to strengthen your aura
  5. Call on angels and your guides to clean and cleanse out unwanted energies and ask them to protect your aura by making it stronger. You can specifically ask Archangel Michael to help protect you. Just say “Archangel Michael of the highest vibration, please help me cleanse and clear any negative unwanted energies that surround me, please only allow positive high vibrational energies within my aura. Thank you”

Having a cleansed aura makes a big difference, do this whenever you feel like you need a little energy boost and you will feel better in no time.

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