Letting go of Fear

The first time I had connected with a medium was very unexpected. I ran a small business and talked to many of my customers. One day, one of my customers had reached out to me just mentioning about her order and we had begun chatting. While chatting, she suddenly asked me if I know who John Edwards is and if I have any ideas on spirit. She then proceeded to mention my cousin’s name Daniel, which is the husband of the late wife from Malaysia. My interest piqued, my fears swept over me and I tried to shut it down before she could have gotten any further.

The fear had always been with me. I was always afraid to delved into it deeper because of my fears of ghost/spirits. Chinese traditions had always believed that all spirits are evil or the “devil” as they would have put it.

Growing up with that constant belief had made me fearful of ever contacting spirts despite the constant growing of interest. It really held me back.

Overcoming my fears wasn’t easy, over the years I have learnt to manage and control the thoughts better, instead of trying to overcome my fears. Whenever a negative thought arises, I would shut it down and instead of feeding into the fear, I would open my heart and fill my thoughts with loving words, in that instance my fears will be pushed aside.

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