About Me

I was born in Malaysia and grew up with the belief that all spirits are evil. Despite that belief, I have always had an interest in mediumship, I loved watching other mediums at work and had a magnetism towards how they help heal others by delivering messages filled with such love and gentleness.

While maintaining an interest in mediumship, the fear had always stopped me from pursuing it further. I was afraid that whomever I connected with was not of the highest vibration and my mum would scare me further into steering away from spirituality. Ultimately even through the fear, my curiosity and love for spirituality grew more and more over the years. It all came down to working on myself and learning to trust myself which lead to me being able to deal with the fear better.

I have since further developed my intuition, had and sold my first business and am working on starting up many more businesses. I have worked on myself over the past years, healing myself and getting myself to a place where I can help others do the same. Whether it be business or any other goals in life, I would love to assist by using my intuition and guidance from spirit to help you to do what feels right.

I work from my heart and want the best for all of you. I’m excited to connect with many of you lovely people out there around the world, we can all work and grow together.