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Letting go of Fear

The first time I had connected with a medium was very unexpected. I ran a small business and talked to many of my customers. One day, one of my customers had reached out to me just mentioning about her order … Read More

Angel Numbers

Seeing synchronicities are a sign that you are on the right path and for you to trust in the process. Sometimes they can also be a way to let you know that love ones and spiritual beings are with you, … Read More

Aura and How To Protect It

Everyone has an aura, there are 7 layers to your aura, the closest to you is your etheric body layer, which you can sometimes see when you hold your hands up against a white wall (a white misty layer), 2nd … Read More

How Empathic Are You?

Do you ever feel like you absorb people’s emotions like a sponge? Or you feel your friends and family’s emotions before they even tell you how they are feeling? Try out this quick mini quiz to find out how empathic … Read More

Animal Guides

Try out this 1 minute personality test to see which animal are you the most drawn to, this may bring you some clarity as to what you need to hear in the moment or which animal guide is with you … Read More

Love What You Do

I believe we should all do what makes us happy and what we truly love. Without passion and joy in whatever we are doing, there will be a void in your heart. I have always believed that without passion there … Read More