"As I share my troubles, she listened to me without judgement. Xinyi is quite precise, she gave me some accurate insights and hard truths which I had to swallow. I felt comfortable sharing with her."
"Xinyi’s reading for me was spot on. The things she told me were on points with my life and who I am as a person. The information I received was very useful and definitely do this again."
"Though her reading was brief and short it was still very insightful and allowed me to reflect on those relationships that I have with my partner, family and work. She is very positive with her words and shines a light on little aspects that I should focus and work towards."
"I had a fantastic great experience with Xinyi. She was able to pick on my current issues and provide helpful guidance on a way forward. She’s a great reader, very accurate and concise. Highly recommended!"
"Xinyi really hit all my current predicaments and gave insight and comfort to my deep thoughts and emotions. I'm feeling lighter and more sure of what’s to come into my life now"


  1. Josephine

    Xinyi is amazing. She is so insightful and she really knows her stuff. I didn’t tell her much as she told me so much. Would definitely recommend her to everyone who needs it.

  2. Jaime

    Xinyi helped me re-connect with my late mother who recently passed away from cancer. Xinyi mentioned a jade ornament which really took me by surprise, this particular jade was a pendant my mother left for my daughter long before she passed away. It was a meaningful connection for me, her insight into the spiritual realm amazes me, overall she was wonderful. I would highly recommend her to anyone! Thank you Xinyi for your insight and guidance xx

  3. Melody

    Xinyi helped me connect with my late grandma and it was a really special experience for me. She saw her with my grandpa, who passed away many decades earlier . I felt at peace to know my grandma is really happy in the another realm and that she passed at home, with family members surrounding her.

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